Tina’s Wish Annual Benefit Dinner Raises $2 Million for Ovarian Cancer Research

Tina’s Wish Annual Benefit Dinner Raises $2 Million for Ovarian Cancer Research
More than 800 supporters turned out for the 2018 Tina’s Wish Annual Benefit Dinner, raising $2 million for research aimed at ovarian cancer prevention and early detection, the organization announced. Since its 2008 inception, Tina’s Wish has raised more than $11 million for ovarian cancer research. Held Sept. 27 at the American Museum of Natural History during National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, the event also honored Jay Goffman as recipient of the Tina Brozman Mentoring Award. The fundraiser included a moving video featuring Michele Coriale, a 42-year-old ovarian cancer survivor who had been misdiagnosed for four years. The video also showcased the scientific progress of Tina’s Wish research projects. “It’s so important that early detection gets the place it deserves in cancer research,” said Tina’s Wish researcher Dipanjan Chowdhury of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, a comprehensive cancer treatment and research center in Boston, Massachusetts. “There’s a lot of focus on drug discovery, sophisticated methods of surgery. They’re all super important, but early detection seems to be the stepchild of cancer biologists.” Because of its relatively subtle symptoms and the lack of an effective early detection method, 80 percent of ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage. The five-year survival rate for women diagnosed at Stage 1 is 92%, but that drops to 27% for Stage 3 and 4 diagnoses. Tina Brozman died in 2007, two years after her diagnosis, and had been angry she didn’t know sooner that she had cancer. Formall
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