Do Your Part to Support World Ovarian Cancer Day on May 8

Do Your Part to Support World Ovarian Cancer Day on May 8

May 8 is World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD) an initiative of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition that brings together women living with ovarian cancer, their families, and supporters to raise awareness about this disease.

Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of all female cancers. Every year, the disease is diagnosed in 230,000 women, and 150,000 die from the disease. This happens because most women are diagnosed once the cancer has spread, in a stage that is much harder to treat.

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition cites estimates that the number of new ovarian cancer cases per year will rise by 55 percent by 2035. Also, 70 percent more women will die from the condition.

While every women is at risk of developing ovarian cancer, the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition says, the disease is often overlooked and underfunded, making it particularly important to raise awareness for this condition. The organization prepared some ideas to share and help others learn about ovarian cancer:

Share key information on social media. The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition prepared a set of well-designed infographs and work documents that anyone can share on their social media to help others learn more about ovarian cancer.

WOCD makes a difference – in 2017, the campaign reached more than 400,000 people, with supporters from nearly 50 different countries and 40 different languages taking part. Every tweet, retweet, Facebook post, like, or share helps the message spread and reach more and more people.

Plan a WOCD awareness activity. Organizing a local event can be another good way to celebrate the day and help others learn more about ovarian cancer. A simple event like a teal party — where friends or colleagues at work dress in teal clothing and accessories — can go a long way. While everyone is having fun, they’re also learning more about a serious condition and ways they can get involved.

Small events are also a great opportunity to get creative by drawing signs or posters. Or come up with your own creative expression. The outcome is great and the feeling of achievement after a successful event is very motivating to continue advocating for a cause.

Share a story. The coalition wants people who have been affected by ovarian cancer to share their stories on the organization’s website. The coalition put together other stories that anyone can read and think about or discuss with friends and families.

Join a local organization. When people feel like they can do more for a cause, sometimes it’s a good idea to search for a local (or national) organization that welcomes new volunteers eager to participate. Anyone can use this list to find an organization in their area.

Those who are already part of a patient advocacy group can contact the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition directly to have that group be a part of a bigger movement. More than 130 ovarian cancer patient organizations worldwide collaborate year-round as partners of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Each year on May 8, they come together and raise their voices to raise awareness for this damaging disease – and everyone can be a part of the fight. See partner organizations in Asia, Europe, Australia, AfricaSouth America, and North America.