Blood Test Ably Identifies Ovarian Cancer Prior to Surgery, Clinical Trial Planned

Blood Test Ably Identifies Ovarian Cancer Prior to Surgery, Clinical Trial Planned
A blood test successfully identified ovarian cancer from circulating cells, and may enable this cancer to be detected early and prior to surgery, results of the first phase of a clinical verification study show. This first stage or pre-study was conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center Wilmot Cancer Institute, and assessed Angle's Parsortix and HyCEAD Ziplex systems as a simple blood test to discriminate between benign and malignant pelvic masses. A method to identify circulating tumor cells so to screen ovarian cancer before surgery would help in determining the most appropriate surgical procedures to use, improving patient outcomes and easing overall healthcare costs, the company said in a press release. Blood samples of 26 Stage III/IV ovarian cancer patients and 28 healthy volunteers were analyzed in this pre-study. Parsortix harvested circulating tumor cells, and HyCEAD-Ziplex analyzed their RNA – the intermediate molecules between DNA and proteins. The systems' ability to differentiate women with ovarian cancer from healthy volunteers suggests both high sensitivity and high specificity, which refer to correct detection of cancer and low number of false positives. These findings also support the start of a full clinical test planned in 200 women with a pelvic mass and scheduled for surgery. This verification study is expected to start in late 2019 and finish in early 2020. Enrollm
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  1. Michael Van Moppes says:

    Angle had wonderful ovarian cancer results in 2017 but that was TWO YEARS ago.
    How many women have had to die since then and why was it necessary?
    If 1000 people wrote postal letters (Which cannot be deleted at the touch of a button) to the American FDA bureaucrats, and ask them why; we would get an explanation .
    If they ignore us, ask Facebook to get an answer.

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