Adding TTFields to Taxol May Help Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Patients, Study Shows

Adding Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) — a therapy that uses electric fields to induce cell death — to weekly Taxol (paclitaxel) more than doubles the time to disease worsening or death in ovarian cancer patients who failed at least one prior therapy, a Phase 2 clinical trial shows. Compared to historical control participants, who live without disease progression for only 3.9 months when receiving Taxol alone, patients in this trial had no signs of disease worsening or death for a median of 8.9 months. The study, “Tumor Treating Fields in combination with paclitaxel in recurrent ovarian carcinoma: Results of the INNOVATE pilot study,” was published in the journal Gynecologic Oncology. Treatment of choice for ovarian cancer patients usually is a chemotherapy regimen containing a platinum agent, like cisplatin or carboplatin. However, while most patients respond, the majority will see their cancer return or progress within a few months. These patients — platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patients — have numerous therapies available, but survival rates are still low. “A clear unmet need remains for patients with recurrent ovarian cancer, particularly for those patients resistant to platinum-based chemotherapy, with median overall survival of about 13 months post recurrence,”Ignace Vergote, an investigator in the trial, said in a press release. Vergote is chairman of the
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