Trial of Vaccine to Prevent Ovarian Cancer Recurrence Expands to Advanced-stage Patients

Trial of Vaccine to Prevent Ovarian Cancer Recurrence Expands to Advanced-stage Patients
TapImmune has amended the criteria for patient enrollment in a Phase 2 clinical trial testing its T-cell vaccine, TPIV 200, in women with ovarian cancer. While the study initially aimed to enroll 80 patients, it is now recruiting 120 patients with platinum-sensitive advanced ovarian cancer (stage III and IV) who completed a single round of platinum-based chemotherapy. Previously, patients were required to have had no less than four cycles of this chemotherapy. The larger number of participants will allow researchers to better evaluate the effects of TPIV 200 as a potential maintenance therapy to prevent disease recurrence, since more participants mean more robust statistical analyses. TapImmune’s decision came after discussion with its clinical advisers; talks highlighted the current lack of a maintenance therapy aiming to prevent ovarian cancer from coming back after patients achieve a first remission. “Our investigators, as well as their ovarian cancer patients, are enthusiastic about this trial, which is intended to demonstrate enhanced progression-free survival for women prior to their first recurrence,” Dr. Richard Kenney, head of clinical development at TapImmune, said in a press release. “Shifting our focus to earlier in the treatment cycle enables TapImmune
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